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MS Vehicle System (Vehicle Controller)

MarcosSchultz | Publicado seg Set 10, 2018 1:32 am | 1690 Vistos

'MS Vehicle System' is a complete controller for vehicles that use the wheel collider component. 

• Complete vehicle controller, for the most diverse situations.
• Control of manual and automatic gears for various types of games or simulators..
• Scene controller, allowing you to change vehicles and walk also.
• Realistic simulation with lights, fuel, particles, sounds and more.
• Compatible with mobile devices. It's an extremely well optimized system.
• The system includes the "Advanced Camera Controller" feature, allowing easy implementation of all the cameras you'll need.
• Support for various types of vehicles, cars, trucks, tanks, monster cars, whatever you can imagine.


• The system includes the "Advanced Camera Controller" feature, allowing you to configure the cameras of your vehicle for the most diverse situations, for example, orbital camera, first person, internal, external, among others.

• Control of manual and automatic gears for various types of games or simulators.
• You can choose the maximum vehicle speed and the minimum and maximum RPM.
• You can choose the torque that each wheel will receive separately.
• You can choose the number of gears of the vehicle, the speed of each gear and the torque of each of them as well.
• The system includes a function optimized for torque, allowing you to accelerate slowly if you want.

• It is possible to adjust all vehicle settings through the code, including suspension height, swing adjustment, hardness, among other properties.
• The system includes an adjustment to the 'center of mass' of the vehicle, so you can make the simulation more accurate and realistic.

• You can choose between normal brake or ABS brake.
• You can set the normal brake force and the handbrake, as well as adjust the speed of each brake.
• You can adjust the brake force of the vehicle's engine and also the speed with which it will start to interfere with the vehicle.

• It is possible to adjust the vertical force of gravity that will act on the vehicle.
• It is possible to adjust the centrifugal force that will act on the vehicle.
• You can adjust the horizontal and vertical force acting on each wheel of the vehicle.

• The code includes a steering wheel system, to simulate the internal steering wheel of the vehicle.
• You can configure the vehicle to start with the engine switched on, start with the braked wheels, and other options.
• It is possible to configure for each wheel to rotate.
• Complete mirror system on all demonstration vehicles.
• The code includes a rpm gauge and speedometer system to simulate the vehicle's internal dashboard.

• The code has a complete fuel system for the vehicle, allowing you to adjust the size of the tank, the fuel consumption, the initial fuel in the tank, among other things.

• The code has a complete system of damage to the vehicle.
• It is possible to set whether the damage sustained by the vehicle will affect the engine torque or wheel angle.
• The code has a built-in meshes deforming system, so it is possible to deform the mesh of the vehicle as it receives damage.

• You can set a friction on each terrain.
• You can define different frictional forces for each wheel of the vehicle.

• Complete system for brake lights.
• Complete system for reverse lights.
• Complete system for main lights.
• Complete system for warning lights.
• Complete system for vehicle headlights.
• Complete system for extra lights on the vehicle.

• Complete system for handbrake sound.
• Complete system for engine sound.
• Complete system for blinking sound.
• Complete system for wind sound.
• Complete system for air brake sound.
• Complete system for wheel impact sound.
• Complete system for collision sounds.
• Complete system for skidding sounds.
• Complete system for reverse siren sound.

• The vehicle emits particles according to the terrain it is walking on.
• The vehicle emits smoke particles when it receives too much damage.
• the vehicle emits smoke particles from the exhaust of the vehicle.

Skid marks
• The asset includes the 'MS Skid Marks System' system, making it much easier to implement skid marks or terrain marks.
• It is possible to set the color of the skid marks on each terrain, as well as the maximum length, allowing the system not to be heavy to process.


• It is possible to have only one or more vehicles in one scene at a time.
• It is possible to get in and out of vehicles with any kind of object, simply associate with a variable and you are all set.
• The controls can be adjusted according to user preference.
• Inputs for mobile are included, such as buttons or a joystick system for touch.


• "MS Vehicle System" includes several demonstration scenes, with various vehicle configurations, such as realistic, drift, automatic or manual gears, among other configurations.
• The asset also comes with several pre-fabricated objects (prefabs), making it easy to use the system with objects already configured. 

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